Medical media

Drugs are effective tool to cure the disease in more scientific manner

20 Main diseases and there treatments used in healthcare practice all over the world

10 Main Criteria To Classify the Modern Drugs Or Medication all over the World.

Five Types of Disease Treatments (Rx) Used in Modern Healthcare System all over the World

Healthcare professionals & system take advantage of the ignorance of people in developing countries.

Old traditional and modern sources of drugs currently used In healthcare system all over the world.

Historic Review of Medicine & Treatment in Different Old Civilization

Knowing bring difficulties and Ignorance may become blessing in certain circumstances

Twenty Major Groups of Drugs Used in Healthcare Practice All Over the World

20 Main Diseases, That Posed Potential Threats to Mankind

The healthcare system takes advantage of ignorance and poor information of people

Historic review of medicine and treatment in different ancient civilizations

Drugs are an effective tool to cure the disease in more scientific manner

Old traditional and new modern sources of drugs used in the healthcare system

Twenty Main Group of drugs or Medication used in Healthcare System Globally

20 main drugs groups used in healthcare practice around the world

Twenty Main Diseases that Posed Potential Threat to Mankind and Challenging the Healthcare Workers.

Ten Main Criteria to Classify and Understand the Drugs, Medication and Treatments.

Knowing bring difficulties and some time ignorance become blessing in certain circumstances.

Seven Fundamental Sources of Education, Knowledge and Information for mankind on earth.

The Treatments and Therapies Practiced Against Disease in Worldwide Healthcare System

Seven Allopathic Treatment Methods used in Healthcare System

Seven Types of Allopathic Treatments used in Hospitals or Clinics all over the World.

Five Types of Treatment (Rx) Methods used in Healthcare System all over the World.

Worldwide Used and Available Treatment Methods.

How Knowledge, Pen and Paper has Transformed into New Modern Scientific Form and Shape

5 Clinical and Pharmaceutical Cares, Used in Hospital_ Medical Centers or Healthcare Practice

Value of knowledge, Information and Technology in Modern World

Scientific and Political Value or Power of Pen, Paper.

History, Value and Implication of Knowledge, Pen and Paper in Human Life.

Pen, Paper and Knowledge are Transformed into New Scientific Shape and Entity

The Value of Knowledge, Teaching and Teachers in Human life and Healthcare System

10 Type of Medical Management, Patient’s Care and Treatment Methods Use in Healthcare System.

Four Major Pathogenic Micro-organisms.

Five Main Divisions of Healthcare Practices and Clinical Patient Cares

Review of Five Type of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Patient Cares.

Seven Major Fields and Division of Medical, Health and Life Science

7 Reasons, Purpose, Benefits and Objectives of Classification and Subdivision of Healthcare Practice

Major five Parameters or Criteria to Classify and Subdivide the Healthcare Professional Services

Five Major Fields Human Life and triangle of information